1. Always have a backup plan - Not putting all your eggs in one basket. Having an online platform to make money was a life saver.

2. Appreciate the small things in life - 2020 taught me how quickly things can be taken - make the most of spending time with fam, being financially secure and just being busy in general. 

3. Growing an Instagram business account takes time - takes a lot of work/effort and defs isn't as straight forward as it may seem. Saturated markets can make it hard to standout but time/effort/CONSISTENCY is key. 

4. Life’s too short - do something you’ve always wanted to do, 2020 has taught me to appreciate being able to do the simple things in life (links to 1) so why not aim high and dream big. If you've always wanted to be your own boss, work towards that - make it happen. Nothing happens on its own. 

5. Vintage is a beast of its own. - unlike other clothing businesses, you have to be so on it. Product cost is never ideal and selling only 1 of each product is problematic but if done the right way, it can be successful.

6. Don’t rush it - we didn’t start on Instagram until 4 months into the business. Learn to love the process and let it grow organically. 

7. Reach out if you have to - always be open to having someone help you out. Don’t get your ego get in the way. Its impossible to cover every aspect of the business on your own. 

8. If you don’t love it, don’t bother (links to 5) - running a business takes a fuck load of work, if you're not willing to put in the effort or time - don't bother. Posting every now and then (insta posts and stock on website) isn't the secret to longevity. As blunt as it may sound, the odds of it succeeding isn't high. 

9. Make friends with your competition - there is a fuck load of people out there for everyone to succeed. Make friends when you can and be open to collaborations/linking/business relationships.

10. Incorporate different aspects of your life into the bizz - if you love adventure, show it, if you love photography - show it! If you love drawing - show it! If you love fitness - show it! Be brave, daring, - do things other haven’t done. When starting a bizz there’s literally nothing to loose, it’s still a SMALL business.

Go for it risk it alllll


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