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NOTE: Depop is a platform, with a similar algorithm to Instagram, where you’re able to sell predominately (second hand) clothing. Virtually it is an online fashion marketplace that is a cross between EBay and Instagram. Your account acts as a shop front where you can sell your clothing to a national/international community.

Before I got started on Instagram, I spent a good 5 months this year learning the ins and outs of DEPOP and successfully sold a bunch of stuff. I personally had no clue how to get started on this platform, so I wanted reach out and give my two cents on my experience with it. I definitely fucked up a bunch and learnt a ton of things so I hope you’re able to take away something from this.

Does it matter if I haven’t got a good camera and the photos aren’t that good? Definitely not, photos just need to be as clear as possible with good lighting so customers can best see your product. I found wearing the item also saw great results in sales (people often ask about sizing and to see it on). Plain and simple, professional photos doesn’t equal more sales. This was the experience I learnt the hard way on DEPOP. Trust me when I say this. Products speak for themselves. As long as your photos are as mentioned previously, you should be able to sell them.

Another tool in your control is the description box. I’ve personally seen success with people giving full-blown antidotes about a product and just as equal success with straight to the point descriptions. You also get to use 5 hashtag to help your product come up in the relevant categories. When setting the price on an item there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t devalue an item; be patient, the right person will come across your item. This ones based off my experience, be prepared for people to ask for a better price. This is a thing that happens all the time and it should definitely be something people are aware of. Ok, so a mistake I’ve made in the past is I agreed on a better price on an item while it had a discount running on it (I know crazy). Once I change to price to what we agreed on, the price got FURTHER discounted because the promotion was still running. Avoid this.

Always be on top of your messages. It’s super important to be responsive as quickly as possible. I was able to close a heap of sales by being on it. You have that person right at the finish line; take a long time to reply, you may not hear from them ever again. Further to this, always be as professional as you can be and remember people can leave reviews so that should be enough to prevent you saying something you may regret. If you’re lucky enough to get a sale, let the customer know when you will be shipping the item and be sure to follow up on it when you do. There’s nothing better than knowing the person you just gave money to is on it and you have confidence in them to follow through.

Another falcon of a mistake I made was not covering my ass and not making it clear I didn’t offer any returns/refunds/exchanges. Make sure it’s in either your bio or item description that you don’t offer these otherwise you’ll be dealing with a lot of loss, wasted time and possible disgruntled customers. By all means if you did want to offer these, it’s not necessary to put it up although you could if you wanted too.

In terms of enticing sales, there are discounts you can run where you’re able to select the amount you want to apply as well as which items. Discounts can only be applied to items that have been up for more than 10 days. You can also offer bundles directly to customers who message or offer free shipping on bundles; this can be done in settings and shows up whenever anyone visits your store.

If you’re reading this then you fuck with second hand clothing. I applaud you! The amount of positives that come out of reusing clothes is endless. Depop is just another way to help a better cause and if you wanted to clean out your closest it’s a great way to do it. Reach out if you had any specific questions or had any other ideas you would like me to cover.

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