My Top 5 picks for Tuesday 28th September drop


Nuggets hoodie


Came across this piece from one of my suppliers in the states and knew it was a beauty when I first saw it.  Its in super new condition with (if any) no major faults on an Adidas tag. Its pretty hard to find much nuggets pieces so this is not last long. Its an oversized XL fit and I promise you wont be disappointed.


Nike Florida sweater


This piece may be a little niche but personally its my favourite piece in the drop. I’m a sucker for Nike and can't get over the graphic of it on this sweater. As with most Nike sweaters, it fits super boxy and is a XL. The orange and blue combo can be a little much for some people but I guarantee you’ll get compliments for days with this one and probably never come across a piece like this in the future.


Sydney Olympic tee


Olympic gear may sometimes be overdone (esp. Atlanta gear) but finding any gear from the Sydney Olympics, now that’s something you definitely don't see every day. This is the first piece I’ve ever came across and I’m all about it. Made by bonds when they used to make all their clothes in AUS. Its In super good condition, XL fit.


Nike Lakers tee


As I previously said, I’m an absolute sucker for Nike kit. This Lakers X Nike is as clean as it gets. Fits XL and hasn’t got any signs of wear or tear. I was stocked to get this piece as Vintage Lakers kit can be difficult to find. You wont be disappointed with the fit and quality on this one, top notch.


Utah Jazz windbreaker


Genuinely this piece wouldn’t be a standout for me but the side zipper on the shoulder took this piece to another level. I’ve never come across something like this before and makes the piece more than what it is. The zipper allows you to wear a windbreaker (windbreakers don’t usually stretch) fitted around the neck without any major zips in the way. Some may say that’s nothing but if you fuck with vintage, its pretty cool.



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