The Journey

The Journey

Welcome to Retro Laundry!

If I had to say one word to describe the journey it would be ORGANIC.

Initially, there was absolutely not a chance I wanted to start a business. Financially and strategically, it did not make any sense! It all started with a pair of trackies. I hadn’t worn them in a while (super cool and trendy) and I thought of chucking them on Depop. I didn’t know much about Depop at that point and just hoped for the best. Then one day. BANG. SOLD. This closely was followed by a manhunt of other clothes I could sell. At this point I was an absolute pest on Depop, overly obsessed with it and wanted to learn the ins and out as quickly as possible. I eventually successfully dragged my girlfriend into the mix and soon after that we made a joint Depop account called “Anthonyandkatie”. We originally didn’t even we could buy any other way than opp shops so we would spend the early days of iso (April) scavenging every thrift shop we could think of and hoping we would find some gems. This quickly turned sour so we started doing more research online and very quickly established people were finding other ways of buying instead of what we were doing haha.

At this point, I started to become heavily invested financially and with my time and due to the fact my girlfriend had other commitments such as studies, it became very clear I had to steer the ship alone. EVEN with this, words wouldn’t be enough to describe how eternally grateful I am for her and how much she still helps me to this day! From here, savage planning took place. From business registration to graphic designers, there were sleepless nights due mainly to the cocktail of excitement and honestly probably even more excitement! I can get more into the business side and planning in another blog.

Retro completely started on Depop, instagram wasn’t the biggest priority at this point (would have started it wayyy sooner in hindsight). Sales were on the high, establishing communication and building relationships of customers become of absolute importance. The idea of photography was becoming a very tasty thought for me, so as soon as I could, the set up was ready. I’ll talk about it more another time but this isn’t always the smartest move. Sales continued to go well it got to a point where I NEEDED to get on the insta train ASAP. So in early July 2020 I created it. I’d love to get into the ins and out of starting up an insta business another time. From there focus turned to the website design and hyping up our first launch.

That’s pretty much where we’re up to now! Very exciting times ahead, we’ve got certain things being put into place to take the business to the next level. If anyone had any questions or blog ideas you would like to read feel free to reach out on insta.

Till next time gang!


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