There have been crazy amounts of ups and downs throughout our journey but super grateful where we are at the moment.

7 drops later, we are beyond where we thought we would find ourselves and are genuinely fucking excited to what is in store for us next. We’re starting to establish our target audience – which is mainly women on instagram but would definitely say it’s even game for sales as well finding out what sells best. I genuinely love the process – the ins and outs, from the most tedious jobs of cleaning, steaming and measuring to packaging orders, I’m all over it. Being able to work for myself has been by far the absolute koots aspect overall and the potential idea of expansion and hiring like minded people is exciting. The vibe we have created with the brand is exactly how I would want it and to see a bigger/wider expansion of it; is for sure a dream of mine. 

Back on that audience game – though we may have gone with a pink look for the brand we’re always trying to think of way to be 100% gender inclusive – simple put we’re tryna up that male audience. We’re defs in the works of organising more male promoters and shoots aswell as gear targeted specifically for the male demographic. In saying that, we’ll always be sure to cater for the females – pretty much just maintaining what we are currently doing. One of the perks of selling vintage is that our logo isn’t tied down to any gear so there’s always the possibility of adjusting it/using another one but for the foreseeable future we don’t plan on changing it.

We’re pretty much summed up the year in terms of having drops – though we might have a cheeky little one next week! Starting off with Jan, expect more drops more oftennn – at least 30-50 new items every 2 weeks minimum. As much as I would love to foresee growth, I don’t like to make any unrealistic expectations so at this stage we’re preparing for best case scenario and I wouldn’t even say worse but maybe for growth to potentially stagnate.

Something that we’re going to be excited to announce in Jan is phase 1 of our own collection. Tote bags. Since the beginning the idea of having my own merch is something that gets me heaving. I fuck with my logo so much and the thought of designing, sourcing and making my own shit is beyond exciting. A cheeky long-term goal will be to drop a sweater line in August but I’m in absolutely no rush and want to nail it so it could start to gather momentum in 2022. Little accessories such as a totes/socks/beanies/hats are things we will definitely be dropping next year.

Ta for reading – we hope you’re as excited as we are for the future!

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