Vintage is special; it’s as simple as that. The coolest and most significant context I would place it in is its history. Vintage is timeless, one of a kind – a tangible time machine that takes you back to that 1998 Chicago bulls team or that 1992 Dallas cowboys win or even to that particular style of Adidas you go crazy about from the early 2000’s. There is no doubt there is a special connection that forms when you purchase that second-hand piece and lets get straight into why you should buy VINTAGE.


Besides the odd vintage stores that do significantly well, you are supporting small businesses. Trusttttt me when I say, its not an easy feat. Massive amounts of work are put in from each and every start-up that you definitely don’t see! Big props to all of them, without you guys – vintage wouldn’t be as special as it is and would definitely go unappreciated. Support your local – not only are you supporting them but also you’re economy – as tacky as it may sound.


You’re doing good for the environment. When you buy recycled clothing, you’re essentially reducing your carbon footprint and reducing those toxic emissions we all don’t want. By all means, we all want those flashy spanking brand new threads but lets balance it out. Nothing like a good old mix for your wardrobe. On that, don’t forget most of the clothing that are resold are made with much more superior expertise by creditable brands such as Nike, Reebok – so they’re almost guaranteed, as well as, proven longevity and quality.

Each and every piece of vintage has a story. A proven, tested anecdote that makes each and every piece so special. There’s nothing better than that rustic, weirdly fragranced thread where you can form that sensory connection with its history. Shits deep bro. I love it. I’m sure if you love vintage just as much as me, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Now, when you finally do get that piece you couldn’t stop thinking about, not only did you fulfil all that ^, you also just made an investment. That one-of-a-kind piece purchased is always going to be just that. Something you will be able to sell (refer to other blog on how to sell on depop), pass on or just keep and potentially make a massive $$ in the future.

Alrighty, hopefully you were able to take away some tips on why I essentially fuck with vintage and why you should too! Reach out on insta if you had any questions or blog suggestions!


Anthony Martinez


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